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Having visited Chester on a number of occasions I truly believe it’s one of the real gems in the North West of England. Its heritage is there for all to see and it has a real energy around all the attractions on show. Its upkeep of the roman ruins is outstanding and guided tours are easy to come by.

More recently a number of publications depict how Chester has reached its currently beautiful look and feel of bringing together the new and old. This is shown fantastically well in a great book that I have read on the kindle store is “Chester through time” by Paul Hurley and Len Morgan. It looks directly are the more recent transformations to Chester’s architecture over the last two hundred years with excellent illustrations of images to compliment the quality narrative.

If you don’t possess a kindle and would like to read the book I would suggest you do some homework first and try the web site GadgetsiWant to help in your choice before purchase. After you have made your choice go to the kindle store  and download the book.